Hello everybody,
I try to explain what I would like to do: I would like to count how many people are in an area I set. I thought that: 1) I should activate Geofencing, and set the position where I would like to count people, 2) when a person enters the area I set, he automatically writes an id and a number in a column, and when he leaves the zone should cancel and scale down the number. I would like some advice, has anyone tried something like this yet?
Thank you for your attention.

I don’t think this would be possible. At the moment, if you want to store someone’s location, you would have to use the Location component and it hardcodes coordinates to your database, and doesn’t update when the user moves. Only by storing location of multiple users can you know how many are in a certain distance from the point you want to use as base.

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Hey Ami,

I had a similar use case in the business environment, here it was about tracking transport vehicles.

My workaround was querying the current location as a “sub-action” behind user interactions that have to be carried out by the system (status notification to a central office).
Automated, i.e. without the intervention of a user, the query is currently (and probably also in the future) unfortunately not possible. For this, the application would have to be a native app.