Generate customised Infographic/image from glide data!

Hello team,

I’m trying to build this user flow:

1/User fills fields with text AND pictures
2/Tap “send button”
3/A customised image appears (design way nicer than cloudinary)

I’m use to document studio to generate customised pdf (invoice, quote etc.)

But this time I needed the same for complex beautiful image. And create/design the image myself.
With some responsive (to the text for example) shapes, cards etc…

After hours of investigation,i found this great Saas, INFOGRAM

Might be a good alternative to quickchart and cloudinary

As im still a newbie.
Can someone investigate to tell us how we can realise that? (using glide table and avoid make or zapier if possible)

It seems that API, JSON object, webhook and stuff like this can help us send the data to INFOGRAM and then fetch the image (or url of the image) back to the glide table.

Thanks in advance,
And looking forward to see some frenzy about this :slight_smile:
motivating screenshots attached.


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