Generate "Anonymous" Name Column

Just like the “Generate Image” column, I’d love to have a “generate name” column. Since Glide already uses a generator for their anonymous emails and for the default naming of published app urls, I could see this as an easy win.

Here’s a use case:
Say I’m creating an auction app where the User and the Bidders should both be anonymous until the auction closes. Instead of having names, usernames, long unreadable user IDs, or email addresses it would be neat to have a name for each person like “Awesome-Pineapple-123”. This generated name should also be consistent across the app (just like Generate Image).

Thoughts?! @Mark @david @Antonio



Random generating usernames - love it!

Preferably in the same format as the domains start with, and the ability to customize if we want numbers, capital letters, dashes, number of words, etc.

Yes. And in any language.

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I suppose if you have the hidden emails feature enabled, then you could just split the random email address up (remove the domain name part), and use the remainder as the user pseudonym?


This is a good idea in the interim!