Free Resources for Training Developers

I’ve been in the Training and Talent Development field for 30[ish] years and love that Glide gives me a new way to support my community.

One of my first apps was this “daily resource” app that I use to teach other trainers how to glide and hopefully inspire them to build something new and creative. It is a simple app that basically lists a number of free or low cost resources training developers can use by category. It features a random “resource of the day” that is selected based on a date calculation that refreshes when I open the sheet [as I am too cheap to spring for the paid version for now - lol].

Simple - but easy to use. #ILoveGlide


I used to use this app/training resource a while ago. I had it installed on a old phone. Is it still available anywhere?

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Thanks - it’s a great resourse and very useful.