FOrmulas for progress bar

I havent quite mastered the progress bar. Are there any preferred formulas being used to total the completion of items in the app. Also I am measuring a combo of inputted text, true/false values, and numbers to determine progress. Im getting errors but if there is an easier way to make this valid, Im open to ideas.

I put this simple spreadsheet together to test it out and show you the formula I would use. It’s in C2. You could hard code the values for min($F$4) and max($G$4) but I put them in as variables so you can test it. Let me know if it fails on any number comb. Note that it will go negative and I have no idea how glide would handle it. I’m guessing it would just show zero progress. I also did a column D calc, which uses the MIN MAX from the data. Not sure anyone would do it but it’s there if you want it. Bottom line you need to use a calculation that max’s at 100 and min’s at 0.

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(B2:B,(B2:B-$F$4)/($G$4-$F$4) * 100,""))

When I input a custom value in the editor itself, it doesn’t show progress, am I doing something wrong?

Screenshots? What are you trying to do? What are the settings for your progress bar? What column value are you using for the progress bar? Are you on an add/edit/view/form screen?