Advice on Best Way to Use Progress Bars

So i have an app with 20 forms inside it. Each form represents a metric group with a set of questions for each team to answer. What I am trying to do may not be the best scenario so I ask you.

  1. Each metric group starts with baseline of 0 and when the questions are answered gets 5% of overall progress (curious about best way to increment by 5 when the questions are answered / updated)
  2. I would like for each of those group’s progress amounts to be added up to reflect a total progress for a team, totaling 100% when all sections have been completed.
  3. so for example, when the current user is logged in, they will see the combined progress, letting them know that they have more tasks to complete…

Wondering if anyone has done something similar…any ideas?

I guess what I would do is set first set the progress bar minimum to 0. Then either set the maximum to 20 manually, or if you have a list of metrics in a sheet somewhere, you could use a rollup or relation/rollup to get the total number of metrics. Finally to set the value, I would simply do a Relation/Rollup to get a total count of submitted forms for each team. That rollup value will be used in your data column. The percentage is calculated automatically 1 metric out of 20 will show as 5 percent. There is no need to set your maximum to 100 or increment anything by 5. Just set the range as 0-20 and the count of each submitted form will do the rest.


Thank you Jeff… i will give that a try…

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