Form on the first screen?

Hello, I saw a few apps that have a form to fill as soon as the user opens the app and they can’t continue without filling out the form. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do this. Help? @david @Jeff_Hager?

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That all depend on what you are trying to do. Have you followed this thread below? Pretty easy if you have enabled user profiles and the value you are checking for tab visibility is on the profile sheet

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You do it with the details page and using user conditions. For example, hide certain components and tabs until the data is populated.


Correct. I do this in nearly every app now in order to initiate onboarding. Here’s a video that I created in my recent thread on creating a gamified glide app:


@Robert_Petitto started to watch your tutorial, this looks like what I’ve been looking for, you’re a great teacher, thank you! I’ll report back when I am done :blush:


@Robert_Petitto, that was very helpful, thank you! The one thing I was struggling with was the “grayed out” button, I didn’t want it to show if all the fields are filled out, so I added another case “notclicked” in addition to false and true. If all the profile was filled but the button was not clicked (value of 1), then the button didn’t show, that makes it a bit cleaner.

Anyone who is reading this, the answer to my question is in this wonderful tutorial:

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