Football Quiz App - show random question

Im working on a football quizz app.

It’s pretty simple, the aime is to find the player. example “Which brazilian striker played for fc barcelona / real madrid and milan ac?”
Answer : Ronaldo

Once user answerds question, a button " go to next question" appears.
When user clicks on it it should shows a new screen with an other RANDOM question not the following question in the tab.

Do you know how to do it ?


Yes, it’s possible… I made one months ago to be played by group and time.

But with new Glide pricing, this kind of game is an edits eater literally :face_with_thermometer:


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I think, I have found a way. Each row has a question number, then I have done a join list of question number and a split list.
After, i have done a single value “random” of this split list .
Like this I can make a relation between this random single value and the question number of the row and it give the next question.
Each time a row is seen, question number is deleted from the join list of question number

I use @Robert_Petitto tuto : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

The last issue, is to clean all data on each row once the game is over.

That is a big issue!

Your game will be played individually or in a group?

In the first time, game will be played individually. Most of the columns are user specific

Then, if people like app, I will add new feature : play against other users