Floating Buttons Should Have Moods

I’d like to specify more colours for floating buttons. When I specify the button should float, the “Mood” option vanishes. I’d like to still be able to turn the button Red for “Danger” or Green for “Success” (or back to the Default colour), even if the button is floating. (More “Moods” would also be nice, but that’s a different topic.)


This should certainly be a thing. While you’re add it, maybe create a floating action button style that’s like a regular button but sticky to the bottom?

Like this:
CleanShot 2022-07-06 at 14.53.22


I never noticed that ‘floating buttons’ in the Layout Builder are exactly the same as Buttons.

This should be a no brainer since it is already ‘a thing’ within the Glide framework. Add a checkbox for “Floating” but leave the other options "filled, transparent, boarded, simple & add ‘circle’ ".

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