Floating button over navigation

Has anyone attempted something similar to this image?

I’ve tried repositioning the floating button and it just ends up behind the navigation bar

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Hey Dale!

I haven’t been able to do this with CSS, but I know people who have… But it’s too tricky!


very tricky… unless you replace the native Glide bottom bar with custom, then not that hard :wink: but still lots of work to match your design.

Basically you have to move a floating button to the middle, and be able to do it on every device possible is a bit cumbersome.


Thats fair. Thanks for the feedback team

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Make z-index:2!important of nav bar … make height of the center panel 80%, and move button to center using fixed position… add png overlay to create nice space around… that’s all… :wink:

Yes, still tricky lol

Btw, I know @Pedroydzito managed to do it

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