Flexible Form container columns

Hi there,
I’m sure you are very busy with setting up and testing new Glide features. I do have a suggestion.

Could you please make the Form Containers more flexible to include the ‘Layout’ settings are available with standard containers in Apps? I’m sure there might be work arounds for this to split entry fields but I feel it would be a useful standard feature. Hence taking the time to request it.

Another request if I’m being greedy is the ability to write to 2 different tables inside a single form. I’m trying to build a clean and friendly UI for entering estimations and I am actually finding it’s easier to just write the code to achieve the ideal flow. Trade and service people don’t seem to find multi-step forms appealing. 2 cents.


Screenshot 2023-05-16 193708

A possible flow solution for allowing a form container to add to more than 1 table would be:
Next to select table to write to have a ‘Write to multiple’ button.
Then +add table, and select additional tables to be used in the form.
When adding an entry component, force the user to select a table to write to with each entry component. AKA Required.
That should in theory allow a single form to write/post to multiple tables but also in a simple and user friendly way.