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I searched through the posts but couldn’t find an answer.
Do you know if it is possible to make text disappear after a certain duration?
For example, from midnight to midnight. I type a text at 8:00 and it is deleted automatically at 24:00.

Thanks for your help!

If you want it truly deleted, then you’d have to run an automation/script. Otherwise, you can certainly HIDE it at a certain time (visibility: show when date is within today).

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Thank you for your answer! What a responsive community…
I imagine that adding automation is not within the reach of a beginner even with some effort?
Concerning option 2 (hide), I cannot find this type of option (or type of rule) in the visibility tab.
If there is another way, I’m a taker!
Thank you again for your help

I guess it depends what text you’d like to hide. I imagine it’s either an inline list item or it’s some sort of global notification on a tab?

It would look something like this:

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hi robert,

Thank you for your feedback, I think you have found the solution.
I will test all of this. My English isn’t great and I don’t understand everything in your video, I’ll have to do some tests but I think you’re really not far from what I want…
If you speak French I’m a taker! :smiley:
Thanks again

Hi @Juano,
Welcome to the community.

@nathanaelb might be able to assist if you are looking for a French speaker in the community. He is also quite good with Glide and he is always very willing to help. I have tagged him, so he will definitely jump in and help translate where you are having difficulties with the video.


Bonsoir @Juano , avec plaisir pour t’aider pour comprendre la vidéo ou les explications si quelque chose n’est pas clair, fais-moi signe ici.