First impressions

Ok - here’s a shot at one. It’s 45min so no need to watch it all :wink:

Let me know your thoughts. There’s still some issues with color grading and typos, but otherwise that’s my attempt at integrating your feedback.

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I like it @JackVaughan !

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Fabulous job Jack. This should be mandatory viewing for all Gliders, even experienced ones.


This is awesome and will help a lot of users, from novice to advanced, to better understand all of Glide’s great features…nice work! Having done my share of video editing, I had to chuckle when I saw your comment about color grading—something a true videographer would worry about. :slight_smile:

The fact that you’ve taken user feedback and quickly spun up a new, lengthy and well thought out training video is just another example of how Glide listens to its community. Jack, thanks for doing such an awesome job and turning our comments into action…much appreciated! :+1:


Very well done! This will be great to get users started, and with the existing template, they can play and experiment with everything they learned. I think you covered a lot of the points mentioned above.

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Great thanks guys, glad it is suitable. Your advice really helped!


I agree that it was very informative and covered the basics but I do still have some concerns.

First is my belief that even if Jack was demonstrating “How to knit cat sweaters” I would have been just as compelled to follow along. It’s like his expressions and personality are hypnotic. That, or I have some deep nostalgic attachment to the great acting of Niles from Frasier.

Next is my disappointment at thinking I knew a fair bit after a full week’s effort, but now see that I could have become a potential expert, with an even greater skill-set, in just a few hours instead, simply by watching this video.


A job well done!