Filtering Workaround Requests

Choice component:
-Show custom “-” blank value. (It disappears when choice is set to “required”, but since there’s no reliable default setting, this ends up with a blank list OnLoad).

Other Filter + Search:
-Searchbar always expanded (Magnifying glass in top right is easily missed.)
-Results counter. (Can hack static one for the entire list, but not dynamic one OnKeystroke search).
-End of results text slot. (Can add text fields after lists. But OnKeystroke search, they disappear).

-Back to Top Action —> Solved: Double tap top/title. @Eric_Penn
-Internal Deep Linking
-Force Menu On Top (When clicking page from menu, the hamburger is replaced with back button, eliminating page to page navigation. How to fix, or is this bug/design flaw?)

Any help appreciated. Anything not possible is pushing to feature requests.

Regarding Navigation and Back to Top action there is a native feature in Glide. Double tap on the top of page (where the title is) and it will shoot you back to the top. You are probably looking for a button/ action that would go to top but at least it’s a start.


Brilliant! @Eric_Penn
Will illustrate this to user. Excellent idea!

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Regarding default selection for a choice component what you could do is somewhere in your flow use a set column values i.e. on an inline list as it takes you to the next screen.

If you are trying to set the default value of a choice component in a form I would recommend creating your own custom form and then set column values in the button/inline list that opens your next screen.

Here’s an example from @Darren_Murphy on custom forms.

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I assume you’re talking about the Android layout right? It’s not the same way in iOS.

Do you mean you want a count of how many results are returned? You can use a text entry to replace the native search and do a relation-rollup to count and display it.

I assume you’re using a details view here. In the search screen, only the inline lists that returns at least 1 result are taken into account. A workaround is using the text entry method above.

We already have deep links. What do you suggest here?


@ThinhDinh Nice way to solve them all in one fell swoop! Any reading or videos on using text box search? Sounds excellent.

It’s just a text entry that looks like this. Make sure you write it to a user-specific column, then do the filtering as needed.


Got the custom search and results counter working. Wow. Thanks @Darren_Murphy and @ThinhDinh. You are whizz’s.

Solution Link: Custom search box in the detail tab - #28 by Darren_Murphy

Any clever solutions for default choice selection? I’d like to make “required” choice, to customize the “dash/blank” field. But a reliable default will be needed in this case, otherwise the choice is empty!

Have a look at my reply above

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Sorry @Eric_Penn I grazed over your response.

I’m using choice component as a filter selector which will apply on home page landing. Like an apartment app, which pre-filters to 2br only on first open.

I have the custom filter all set up, just can’t grasp how to default it. Will the above solution still work?

If so, I’m very lost on the build steps. :confused:

If you have an onboarding step to create people’s profiles then theoretically, as @Eric_Penn said, you will be able to do a set column to the column you’re using to house people’s choices. That will be your default value.

Otherwise, if the choice loads on the first tab of the app then there’s no way to do it.

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No onboarding, no user accounts. Fully public searchable app like an apartment finder…

Then that’s a no go, just add a text like “Choose one of the options above to start” if the choice is empty, I guess.

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Found workaround!

Made choice required. By default, choice is empty.

SO! When choice is empty, show the default list I want (even though choice button is not selected, minimal UX impact). It also shows when choice matches.

I also got to customize my “-” to “All” since making the choice “required” removed the confusing dash icon. So I added the one I wanted. Perfect for me, 2 birds 1 stone.

Thanks for getting me in the pivot mindset folks. You’ve been a huge help!

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The way I normally do defaults in situations like this is with an if-then-else column, ie.

  • if user-specific-column is empty, then default
  • else user-specific-column

And then instead of pointing other columns at the user specific column, I point them at the if-then-else column.