Filtering Data Based in month from Multiple tables

I have two tables taken from airtable “Conversations_Brand” and “Invoices_Jan”
Both of them have a Created Data column in them.

“Conversations_Brand” also has a dropdown called status which has two option “Confirmed” and “Negotiation”

I have another View called Dashboard which gives me the total of filtered data from Invoice and Conversations based on status.

Right now I am able to get the totalled data from these tables based on selected status for particular user.

I Will place a range picker in my Dashboard screen. how do I get to pick data from multiple sources I have followed this tutorial. I have got filter working. But how do I make the change to get the selected status values total from the table with name “Conversations_Brand”

I have got everything set up even getting data from multiple tables to be displayed. Just need help in getting Status specific dat from “Conversations_Brand”

EX: I need total Number of status “Confirmed” and total number of status with value “Negotiation” in the table with name “Conversations_Brand”

Thank you in advance for the help