Figma to Glide

Can we transfer designs created in Figma directly into a Glide app?

There is no Figma-to-Glide technical integration if that is your question.

Also, I recommend not designing in Figma first to then reproduce the design in Glide. Glide imposes constraints on design that are often not taken into account in the Figma design.

Instead, I recommend designing the layout of your app directly in the Layout Editor.

My usual process when developing in Glide is:

  1. Selection of components and configuration of style in the Layout Editor
  2. Selection of actions in the Action Editor
  3. Creation of data the Data Editor
  4. Configuration of actions in the Action Editor (binding to data)
  5. Configuration of components the Layout Editor (binding to data).

When I know I’ll have a collection, I create a table for that collection with 4 dummy text columns and 1 image column. This is for the purpose of configuring the style.

I know many start in the Data Editor. But I prefer starting in the Layout Editor: the user experience starts there and the layout dictates actions and data.


interesting … would be nice to hear from many on this.
i’ve always preferred creating data columns in the data editor before designing the layout of the components holding that data. I also usually tend to assign shuffle or notification actions and leave the real actions to the end

My usual process is:

  • Read the client’s brief.
  • Work with the project manager to map out a wireframe.
  • Design the database, usually in Google Sheets, then I can export them in CSV and upload to Glide. I think that’s easier when I want to create a bunch of columns, which is the case at the start of any projects.
  • Work on the frontend, and create computed columns as needed.