Fetch JSON with username


new to glide and have 2 questions.

  1. Using the fetch JSON feature I need to fetch an API where I can not fetch all results and filter for the username of the glide table so I thought I can use “Custom” in the URL field and then add to the url something like {Name} so the request will be like transformed to api.com/players/mike where mike was the name from the glide users table but the request is in fact api.com/players/{Name} and fails.

  2. If 1. is working the field has JSON. Can I use this field with JSON and add a UI component which populates the fields with the JSON or do i have to use jq in the fetch feature and filter for every single value (name, score, tag, etc.)?

Thanks for any help


  1. Use Template column to construct URL
  2. You have to filter JSON with jq

thanks that did it.

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