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I only have a single row in my glide table…

so this is my objective…To host the majority of my app data in Firebase and using Firebase’s REST API to display and maintain the data, and simply use Glide for authentication, front-end and the business logic.

I believe this would address the row limits, performance and scalability issue associated with Glide.

I have this simple Firebase branch called venues


I have this simple Glide table that is fetching the above data and so I want to display the json returned of Venue objects in an inline list.

the list needs to act like a Glide list, eg; be selectable to view its details etc

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Yes, that makes sense. I’d love to do that too, truthfully. Hopefully someone smarter than I am helps us figure it out!

Well to display an inline list you will still need multiple rows to house it, so that defeats your purpose.

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yeah i think i gathered that earlier. I figured that it could’ve been a possibility since an in-line list can be built from any array and the returned json is essentially an array/dictionary

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Let’s pretend we could display the array as an inline list. What are you expecting to happen when you click on an item? Show details for just that item? Where are those details living? In another array? Glide can’t do this without knowing the position in the array.

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The details are all within the same returned json

Apologies if you are already aware of this, but it looks like we can do a lot of things with Fetch JSON and Transform JSON plugins.

I was playing around with the plugins to see if I could fetch daily prayer times from a public API. Everything went well and I was able even to transform JSON with JQ until it came to finding a way to capture everything inside one cell, without having to create additional columns or even split/template columns, to present the data in nice way. I visited this and the dictionary thread to see what I could learn, and I learned a lot. Suddenly it occurred to me to see if I could actually get some HTML and text to work in the Transform JSON plugin itself. Below is the result.

What you need to do is place your HTML and/or text inside inverted commas, so “

Here is the data I was working with:

[{“times”:{“Imsak”:“05:21”,“Sunrise”:“07:29”,“Fajr”:“05:31”,“Dhuhr”:“11:47”,“Asr”:“13:42”,“Sunset”:“16:04”,“Maghrib”:“16:26”,“Isha”:“17:55”,“Midnight”:“22:48”},“date”:{“timestamp”:1637539200,“gregorian”:“2021-11-22”,“hijri”:“1443-04-17”}},{“latitude”:51.50735092163086,“longitude”:-0.12775829434394836,“elevation”:33,“city”:“London”,“country”:“United Kingdom”,“country_code”:“GB”,“timezone”:“Europe/London”,“local_offset”:0},{“timeformat”:“HH:mm”,“school”:“Ithna Ashari”,“juristic”:“Shafii”,“highlat”:“None”,“fajr_angle”:18,“isha_angle”:17}]

Thank you


thank you so much that was very helpful and informative. so cool how you can use text entry as a search bar.

Hi @ThinhDinh,
I am trying to fetch the json that produces my GAS REST API service from a google sheet; calling the service from the browser, the json is returned, but nothing is returned via the fetch column.
Is this problem due to my rest api not allow cross-origin requests?
If it depends on it, do you know if there is a way to enable?

Sorry for my innocence but does it mean? :innocent:

Do you see any data movement in your GS when an API call is received?


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Hi @gvalero !
To clarify … I want to retrieve data from a google sheet not connected to the app. I need to do this because the sheet has hundreds of thousands of rows and I can’t manage it directly in glide due to the limitations we know (25,000 rows).
The idea is to tap into this data a little at a time by building a REST API service on top of this large sheet so that only the quota of rows I need is returned.
But it seems that the response of my rest api service has some problems to be received by the fetch column because it is empty …

@ThinhDinh , @gvalero
I am very sorry for wasting your time, it was only due to a problem of authorization to run the web app.


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:rofl: no worry Roldy, I suffered the same when I did my own Rest API weeks ago:

BTW… How many rows are you handling and how fast is your API’ reply?

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Currently I’m just doing a feasibility analysis because my potential client has a catalog of points of interest of about 100,000 rows in excel.
In the end what I have to do is just pull down a few hundred per user of these POI.
I’m about to experiment with dummy data (by the way, have you ever used the https://www.mockaroo.com service? Very convenient for doing these simulations).
How fast my script will be to extrapolate 100 rows from 100.000 I still don’t know …
But I’ll let you know as soon as I finish it … I hope some seconds as in your example app.

Thank you for your suggestion! :+1:


Any company that uses a kangaroo in their logo gets a thumbs up from me :+1: :laughing:
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 4.19.59 AM

This looks great, thanks for sharing


Oh that website is great! Thanks for sharing.