🚨 February 17, 2021 Outage | Tracking thread

I fully agree with you!



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Well - isn’t that a nice problem to have. Growing pains!

It is in these moments that we see how much people don’t research or stop to see if there is already a topic here talking about what they are looking for. Because the amount of duplicate topic that appears in those moments is incredible.


Builder is working but not of my apps are. I’m getting a 502 error.

I make @Manan_Mehta 's words, my words.

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Agree to an extent, but could this not be foreseen by Glide tho?

clearly not a technical issue (according to @david comment) but rather a lack of future planning/capacity management from their part.

Negotiations and steps for a Google uplift should’ve happened waaay before this.

Working for a global IT services provider, having have to go to our clients and explain that their systems/applications (which they deem to be critical) aren’t working due to lack of bandwidth is totally embarrassing.

As a paying customer I’d really like to see the results of a proper investigation with mitigating actions to be put in place.



I’m stressing out here, I’m sure a good bit of us are. No vacation for me sir. I’m scrambling to build stuff using a website and spreadsheets… Makeshift patchwork. We do business with these apps.

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Very pleased to hear this! I love Glide!!!

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Hi all, more updates:

  • The reason we had a dead cat bounce was the caches eventually invalidated
  • Sign in with google will still be down for a while, regular email auth will work
  • We now have a working solution for apps for everything while we work with GCP being weird

Apps are back up and running as well as updating :sweat_smile:

If the past year has taught us anything, it should be that some things are out of our control and we have to have patience. Due to the virus restrictions I have been unable to do my normal job for 8 of the last 11 months, I have used Glide to generate a new source of income to support my family.

My client went online for the first time with their app this afternoon, outage 6 hours later. Can either of us do anything? No.

Will anything we say on here speed up the process? No.

Talk to people/clients, they will understand. Just don’t promise that you can fix it, because unless you are Jason, you can’t.

As someone pointed out earlier, even the biggest companies have outages.


If you are sitll having issue accessing your app after refreshing please post in here. Please note builder access is still restricted (down)

UPDATE :arrow_down:


Apps should be working again.

Builder is down and sign in with google remains down.

Issue is now classified as Minor Issue according to status.glidapps.com

Sorry yeah thats mostly a problem with statuspal having bad granularity, not that we consider it minor :wink:


I was happy for a second and then… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Anyway, good luck with all your work guys !!

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I am receiving the following message when I try to log into the builder…

"There’s a problem

Could not getOAuth2TokensForGoogleSheets: undefined"