Feature Request: Update to alignment options

When running a form in a container, the options to have the hint text and the field aligned takes into account the overall height of the field, including description, making the hint text somewhat off-kilter.


  1. Have an ability to align to the actual field. That could be centre, or if the ‘hint’ or other text is greater than the field height, to have it be aligned to the bottom at least. The ‘top’ or ‘centre’ only alignments put the secondary text out of place no matter the alignment.

  1. Synchronize Container alignments. Allow the field and the ‘secondary’ component (text/image etc.) to be linked so that they will always appear beside one another, or above/below if the screen is too small. At the moment the only way to do that is to make a container for each form field at 1:1 and place the field and the secondary component in it. Which is very tedious.