Extract information from a document and use the information to select several variables from a predefined array

If a user uploads a CV for instance, I would then like to extract their key skills from that CV, review it against a predefined set of skills and then save this information in a column. For example, one of the extracted skills might be ‘Managing Projects’, I would like to use my predefined list to populate this users skills with ‘Project Management’.
I think this can be done with Text to Choice in the AI category, but this one has one choice, I would like to list all skills.

Can someone direct me ass to how this could be accomplished.

So you want to extract the skills listed in the CV, then convert it to a standardized list of skills?

Correct, I’m trying to keep the naming convention of the skills the same, so I think there would need to be some AI component that could translate how the skills are presented in the CV and convert them to those skills listed in my database of skills.

My best guess is:

  • Extracting the text from the doc.
  • One AI column to extract the “skills” from the text above.
  • Another AI column to input the extracted skills, tell the AI about your standardized list, and tell it to output a standardized list from the extracted skills.

Ill give that a whirl and report back, thanks for your assistance!

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Managed this by combining the text extracted from the CV with the list of skills that I was trying to select from. I then created a JSON based upon the extracted text and this combined list, with the instruction to the AI model to only use skills from the list within parenthesis.

Thanks again for your help.

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