Expert Design Quote: Zapier x Acuity x Stripe

Hi there, I’m looking for a design expert with experience using Zapier within Glide, more specifically for users to book appointments and purchase products. My goal is to trigger Acuity for scheduling and Stripe for purchasing.

Accepting quotes once I can share my design brief.

Thank you in advance!

_Kalen Hayman

Happy to take a look when you have your design. you can take a look at my website and my app.

Thanks for your reply!
Do you have any experience using Zapier?
I’m looking to embed a booking and payment plug-in on my user’s profiles.
Here is my mock-up design:

Thanks for taking a look!

Hey Kalen,
Yes I’ve use Zapier.
Payment plug-in is easy with Glide and Stripe.
Will take a look at your app and reach back. Please visit my website and send me an email to coordinate everything there :wink:

Hi there,
What is your name btw?
I tried your contact form on your website but received an error message “Error: Missing or invalid fields. Please try again.”
Here is my email:

Just sent you an email. I did try the form and didn’t get an error.