Expert Consult - Rebuild of Existing App

I’ve reviewed the glide experts list here but it’s not easy to ‘narrow search’ besides location, which isn’t important.

I’m redesigning/ rebuilding an app from scratch based on the existing one.

Unfortunately the Glide App Duplication function isn’t working for it - and Glide doesn’t have a timeline to fix - so I’m using it as an opportunity to rebuild it better.

Improvements in:

  • Database/ sheet structure
  • How it’s built

I’m interested in paying someone who is very experienced with Glide for a consult call via zoom whereby we’d review/ audit the app for opportunities to improve it in the new rebuild.

Thanks for any suggestions of people to talk to or for contacting me if interested.

Happy to help: Calendly - Robert Petitto

Hey, you can get in touch with us here: Low Code Agency - your app faster and cheaper with no/low code