Expert App Developer Wanted

Hey Glide Community! I’m looking for an expert to help build a subscription-based app. It needs to be public-facing and eventually hit the app stores. Got the chops? DM me. Let’s make something epic.

Glide is not a good platform choice for this type of App, but you can try your luck below:

Thanks, any recommendations on what would be a good platform for this type of App?

I know @Robert_Petitto has a video on this, .Though if he is busy ( highly probable), You can hire me to build with you as I learn. :sunglasses: :100:

Hi Noah!
We have a lot of experience building these types of apps at LowCode.

Do you have experience building monetized apps?

Yes. We’ve built 300 apps now. Mostly with Glide but we’ve also used Bubble and Flutterflow when needed.
We have a lot of subscription based apps.

Okay, how to book a calendly with you? 

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