Experimental doesn't work for wifi

Experimental doesn’t work for wifi, I’ve tried with many different wifi and only works with waves from my phone.

I have been experiencing this situation since 2 today, since your update.

Does using a VPN for another country work for you? What update are you talking about here?

I can only use it on 3G - 5G or wiffi emitted from mobile devices. The regular wifi it barely works. I’ve encountered this situation since updating the JSON error showing " quotation marks. you see, Experimental has hidden all other categories except code :frowning:

Looks like a region problem, because I’m seeing the same thing when I’m not using VPN. I don’t have any further workarounds for this, usually the problem goes away itself after a few days for me.

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I hope they can return to the status quo 2 days ago, since they updated the change there have been a lot of errors that affect a lot.

I doubt that’s related to any “updates”. It seems like a region-specific connection problem.



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