Experimental column does not return anything

Hi all

I have tried to use the experimental code column instead of running script directly with app script.
I have forked the example and created a very basic function that returns the input.
Nothing is shown in glide table though.

Where is my mistake ?
How to debug experimental code columns?


glide app : nocount.glideapp.io
repl : https://glide-experimental-code-substring.clementwalter.repl.co

What’s your input for the column and what’s your expected output?

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to do
return Balance.value

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any tips about debugging also ?

You can use the debuger in Google Chrome.
Place a Breakpoint, then use Step Execution to step by step and observe the variables in Scope.
(If you are using Breakpoint, remember to remove them once the debug is finished !!)

Or you can simply add Console.log to your script and observe in Console the evolution.