Excel slope and number of cells

I am absolutely loving the addition of the excel formula!

I have a couple of questions, hopefully someone can help me. I have a formula that I needs 6 input cells, is there a way to do this? Currently it only has 5 cells, but I imagine there is a way around that.

Secondly I need to be able to use the SLOPE function which isn’t currently supported, does anyone know how I can go about adding that to the supported functions? I did see the github link, but I’m not very code savvy.

The formula I need to do is =SLOPE(A1:A3,A4:A6)

Thanks in advance!


Right, maybe SLOPE() function is not supported but you can do calculations by using Math column, I think something like this is enough for you if you need to use/know only 2 coordinates on the line.


and get all this…

Instead, if you need to use an array or several data points, the scenario is different. You will have to use this formula:
. image

and create other Math columns manually to recreate what formula shows. This link can help you with all this.

I hope this helps you.



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