Every Sunday

This may be a simple question and if it is please forgive me! I’m trying to build an app that helps with rotas at church each Sunday such as welcoming, coffee etc…

Is there a formula I could use to automatically call up the dates for Sundays for the next year?

So I have done some playing around and here is what I’ve done. I’m using glide tables for the app but I opened a Google sheet and began to manually type out the date for every Sunday, then after 5 or so I dragged down and filled a couple of years worth of Sunday dates.

I then used =TEXT(B3, “dddd”) to check they were all Sunday. And then =TEXT(B3, “mmmm”) to grab the month as well.

So now I’m going to copy and paste into my glide table.

It’s got the result I need for my app, but was it the easiest way?

Use arrayformula starting sunday date =ARRAYFORMULA(text((row(A1:A)*7+VALUE(“05/10/2020”)-7),“ddd mm/dd/yyyy”))
if you place this formula in second row than use:
=ARRAYFORMULA(text((row(A2:A)*7+VALUE(“05/10/2020”)-14),“ddd mm/dd/yyyy”))


Thank you, I’ll give that a try

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