Event Booking

Hi all,
I’m looking for a way for users to reserve a place for an event and possibly a specific item within that event.

Like a fitness group that have kettlebell classes.

Registered users can book into a class from the schedule and reserve specific kettlebells within that class.

Any ideas/help/guidance on how this can be done would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :blush:

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You need to start with creating a spreadsheet with some sample data. You will create a sheet for each entity. The entities that I see in your description are:
Item (aka Equipment)
and maybe Reservation (if more than one person can make a reservation for the same “Place”
As you build the Spreadsheet structure think about how entries in one sheet are related to a single row in another sheet or multiple rows in another sheet.

I would say that each row in the Reservation sheet would have a link back to a User, a Place, and an Item. Places most likely would have a link to the Items available for that Place.

Bottom line it seems pretty straight forward on the surface but most likely is a pretty complex application. Especially when you think about the need to keep some kind of track of how many users have already made a reservation an then how many slots are left for more. Then you have the issue of only having one set of 25lbs kettle bells at a specific Place. It can get complex real fast.

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Thanks @George_B - I’m going to have a go at this tonight.

I was thinking that the Items (Equipment) would be tied to the Event, not the Place as not all the Events are similar plus I could have the same Event at multiple Places.

I’ll see if I can develop an entity/relationship diagram - this might help me build the underlying sheets.
I agree that this appears simple on the surface but will most likely be pretty complex to implement.

Wish me luck!! :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


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