My app’s URL:

What’s the error you are facing here? Can you describe it in more details?

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What exactly is the error you are facing? Is it with the search function?

This is an error on the screen.
As in the image above, a blank space appears.


Not the case here with my desktop, and seems like Jeff’s phone did not experience that as well.

Is there any way to show my video? I can show you the error in a video.

You can record the video on your screen, upload it to ezgif to convert to a gif, then post a link here.

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Probably this needs @Mark to help.

How can I ask for help?

I just mentioned him, or you can contact Glide’s support at:

Thank you. @ThinhDinh

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Can you please give me information on the device with the issue? iOS version, phone type, etc


I live in Korea.
Cell phones are iPhone 11pro.
The software version is 13.5.1.