Error message "reached private user limit" when public users signin

currently building pages under free tier and hit the limit

  1. user registered on signup page that I built
  2. user tried to login thru the top right signin button which is located by default
  3. user sees error message saying “reached private user limit”


  1. why is the error message about private user limit even though they are public users?
  2. if it is typo error, what is the reason of users being unable to login? would it be number of updates or rows?
  3. if updates or rows hit the limit, are signup and login attempts restricted also?
  4. is it possible to customize or remove signin signup buttons located top right by default?

Are you using roles in your project?
Can you please share screen shots of both your Privacy Settings, and your User Profiles configuration.

No, the row count should have no effect on the ability of users to sign in.


Are you referring to the login screen?
Only minimal customisation is available (Settings->Sign-In Screen)

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