Enhanced security for Google Workspace domains

Although there are of course many other database options in Glide, its still rather heavily leaning towards Google Sheets. This is at least the vibe that I got and, in fact, the reason we chose Glide to begin with.
Our organization is working with Google Workspace and we’re very happy with their admin tools and security options.
While domain whitelisting is possible on Glide, it would be very helpful to have an even deeper level of security. This is especially true for apps with sensitive data, but I would assume even “less sensitive” apps can sometimes enjoy this level of security. In my post I have detailed some ideas, mainly based on company owned devices OR work profile when using BYOD. I’m sure there are other ways to allow such security enhancements and I believe it would be a very strong USP for Glide to allow such a feature.
Happy to hear your thoughts.