Encrypt data

Dear Sir,

Is there a way to encrypt the data store in .jzon file?

We created an app to store employee data including addresses. We have a Security Consultant to assess the app. We found that we (any employee) can download the jzon file which includes data in Google spreadsheet and email it out to anyone.

Do you have a way to encrypt the jzon data exported from Google Spreadsheet? So, anyone downloads the jzon file but can’t view it.

Thanks for your help!

Our security center describes how to control access to your app’s data securely: 🔐 Security Center - Glide Library


I already went through that documents several times and found the public data stored in jzon file can be downloaded. The Feature Request I like to submit is to provide a way to encrypt the public data stored in jzon file.

These public data can be viewed across different people. However, we don’t want them to be able to download and share with others.


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I’m sorry but this doesn’t make any sense. The data is encrypted when sent to the app. If it stays encrypted, the app cannot display it. If employees can read the data with their eyes, they cannot be prevented from sharing it.

Do you have example of an app that works the way you want?

You may want to consider having all of the employees sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before gaining access to the app and/or the data.