Employee Status w/ Location

I would love to see an option where staff could list themselves as “active”, “busy”, etc (but I really only care about an active or available label).

If this feature existed, it would be amazing if it worked in tandem with the location reporting that other users have requested to be added to the “allow user to show location” feature.

Part of what we are hoping to get from Glide is to have something that will help with scheduling our in-field providers. If we had this feature, our schedulers could receive a staff cancellation call, look to see who has listed themselves as available and is close to the client’s home, and then reach out to see if we can reschedule that appointment with a new staff member.

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The location part is not possible yet, but you could easily do the Active, Busy status. I would modify this template (https://www.glideapps.com/template/employee-directory) by adding a status column for the employees. You can then create another sheet with a list of Statuses and use it in a choice component for each employee. Or you could add a Switch component that would basically show the employee as active or busy.

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Appears request is fulfilled, topic archived.