Embeds creating large margins/padding beneath

Support link:

Spacing is too large beneath embed of podcast, etc.

Expected Behaviour:
Normal margins for embeds. Currently the margin is way to large and looks off.

How to replicate:
Go to any dApp listing with a podcast episode, for example Akord.


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Is this in Glide Apps or Glide Pages? In Apps, I almost always have to use CSS to change the padding-bottom part of the webview embeds.

This is for pages. Thanks!

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Any recommendations on pages to get this sorted? :slightly_smiling_face:

cc @ThinhDinh :slight_smile:

Pages do not allow you to insert CSS, so I’m not sure there is much you can do.

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As Jeff said, unless the team changes the design then there’s not much we can do in Pages.

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Dang, ok got it! Possibly a deal breaker as it looks pretty off.

@Ivo_Elbert is this something you can look at? Thanks!

Hello there!

We can’t auto size web embeds, because of browsers limitations (related to security).

We provided a few different size options in the Web Embed config. They can help with getting closer to the desired size, but sadly, if none of those are useful we can’t do too much about it currently.


Got it, thanks for the response. Yeah, already using the smallest size available for the embed.