Embedding Glide Page in an iFrame for public Pages

I just recently developed a page that can be used by a city to show the current location of the debrish/brush pickup trucks.

It is a public page with no users and no logins!

I don’t see it as a great security risk.

This is the page it would be embedded in – to replace the silly Chart and Legend which really doesn’t show anything about the schedule at all.

This is the page that would be embedded.

Would Glide be willing to re-examine this prohibition for apps that have no users and no logins (and no data that needs to be kept secure!)??

I probably could have put this in the ‘Showcase’ section – but it may never see the light of day if it cannot be embedded. BTW, these particular Pages developed on a free Team will be provided ‘free’ to the city, along with a simple app to maintain the schedule for the truck (yes, we only have one truck).

Glide does allow it for Business and Enterprise plans, but it requires a special request for them to enable it. Kind of doubt they would do it on any lesser plan.

From the pricing page:

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Oh well, too bad. The ‘Made with Glide’ would of course appear on the page and be free advertising for them. You never know who is looking.

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Jeff, I just upgraded to Business for the Embed feature, but now don’t see it on the pricing page, how to enable it? thanks, Wayne

It’s only enabled by request.
Open your App in the builder, go to Settings->Support, and open a ticket. They will enable it for you.