Editing Link Component

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I have a form in which users can record websites for buying supplies. I created a form using the Link component to enable them to paste in what ever website they desired. After the form is submitted, they can select the link and it takes them to their preferred website.

However, after entering in the information and submitting the form, this component is no longer editable. Should I use the rich text or action component instead to enable users the change their preferred link if they wanted to?

Any help would be appreciated.


If you want to allow them to edit it directly, you could display it in a Text Input component. But be aware that this would allow anyone who views the screen to edit it (unless you apply visibility controls).

The usual way is to just allow Editing.

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Thanks for your response.

I’ll try it the text component but won’t that make the link inactive? Currently users are able to edit the form but that specific component is not visible in the edit screen. It’s very odd.

Are you aware that you can add components to the Edit Screen?

So if it’s not there by default, all you need to do is add it.

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