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Hello ! i have an app for ebooks and pdf and i’m searching for a tool that help me display this kind of content specially ebook (.epub) file with an engaging interface that help users customize their reading experience (see screenshot) , i’ve searched a lot but i couldn’t find something that works as an open link and suite glide any suggestions please !
Example :

So do you upload epub files to the app and want users to read that file using something like a webview?

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Yes ! Exacly

create a text file from PDF and display it in a rich text component, you can add dynamic text size, color, fonts… sample:


with hundreds of ebooks already available it would be very hard to do that. i was looking for a third-party to host the files and display them with in the webview. btw you have done an incredible work, the app is fantastic. Congrats

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You can most likely use Google Drive… have you tried that?
I built this a while back using pdfs https://kierkegaard.glideapp.io If you need help with displaying google drive files, let me know… haven’t tried with epub files

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Thanks for help ! actually i was able to display pdfs but what I’m trying to do is to make eBooks more interactive where the user is able to change font switch between Dark/light Mode and many more options that can be done using a e-book reader but until now I can’t find any good online reader that can fit in a WebView to display the book either reader doesn’t allow putting the book within an iframe or it just doesn’t fit right. for example the reading experience in Kindle, ScholarVox… ect.
I hope you understood my idea .

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UPDATE : I have found an example of what i’m looking for, this is an example but always can not find a tool where i can Host my own files.
this is what i meant a eReader within a webview where you can customize your reading experience ( dark mode / clear mode , chage font type, change font size, mark a page ect…)

Toggle between dark mode and clear mode

Adjust Font Size