Easiest way to set up a budget/activity tracker in Glide?

Hi all, I’m looking to test market a few different app ideas where there will be some sort of ongoing activity tracking (ex. # of miles ran, # of calories eaten, # of pushups, etc) or budget tracking ($ spent on rent, $ spent on food, etc) and questions that would require simple text answers (how do you feel today?) for my different users.

I tried searching through the templates but none of them seem to fit the vision I had in my mind. I also tried looking for older threads but there wasn’t anything too recent so figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask the genius community here for general philosophical ideas? (ex. would USC matter?)

The part that confuses me the post is how to keep an ongoing tally of the data so that a user can check in to see the progress they’ve been making (or not) in whatever category. Any thoughts or opinions greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

How do you track the activities? I assume with a daily check-in form?

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Hi @ThinhDinh , wouldn’t necessarily have to be daily, could be weekly although it depends on the specific use case. One idea was sorta like YC startup school, where they have weekly questions such as “how many users do you have?” and “what are your top 3 goals for this week?” but the other would be a simple budgeting feature for touring artists so the ability to type in, say, the amount of rent they’re paying per month on one line but on the next, could be gas expenses and airbnb/hotels on another, to help understand where all their money is going. For business and tech people, these are pretty common things but nothing really specific for indie musicians/artists due to the sporadic nature of revenue and generally bohemian lifestyle, which is why many struggle financially.

I know this is starting to sound like a lot, so just curious if there are any obvious, simple rules of thumb on how one might approach this since on my first attempts, they looked horrible