Dropdown: Choose only unpicked items

Hi everyone,
I have kind of a problem… I’m struggling with it for three days now and have no idea how to solve it… To make things easier I created a general example to explain it.

General example:
In an app a user can pick his favorite 3 generes.
If the user is quite intelligent, he will pick 3 different generes based on his preferences… But he could also pick 3 times the same one! And as we all know: If something is possible; dumb users will do it!

Now in my example I created a dropdown list with all the possible options:

The choice of the user will be implemented in it’s own row (where he’s the owner).

Now the biggest challenge is: How can I disable already picked items?
So that this is not possible:

I think this is a common problem and maybe you already explained that in the forum… Let me know if that’s the case.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:
I’m curious to see if there is a nice way to handle it ^^

Sorry, in my experience you can’t do what you want to do.

Totally my personal opinion below:
But to be honest why bother, you can’t fix stupid and if they want all three to be the same what do you care?

Same thought here. Until glide let’s us compare two column values to each other, I can’t think of a way to do this. If we could compare two column values, then I’m thinking we could apply filters on the fly.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager

Is this already a feature request?

Ok thx @George_B

My point is: I am working on a „Roleplay app“. And I have to match 8 Characters to 8 People. And I don’t want that two People can play the same Character, because it is necessary for the story that every Character is being played.

The example above was only to describe my problem as simple as possible :slight_smile:

It looks like it is. Feel free to add to it here:

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Ok, but your example didn’t represent that. It was showing the same user picking from the choice list.

I would suggest you not use a choice component and use an inline list and form combo where a column in the list could be flagged as being used by someone else. You would then need to create some kind of reset to reset all the flags back to the false state.

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Hi @George_B, thanks this is a good idea ^^
I will test it :slight_smile:

Even though the solution to compare values would be muuuch simpler.
I supported the feature request as mentioned by @Jeff_Hager earlier.

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Been asking for this for a while now…hope it comes soon.


Only way to do this currently is to have the user submit the form three times. Each subsequent time the user goes to the form, the previous choice is disabled. Once the user had chosen three times, the form button is no longer visible. This could work, right @Jeff_Hager?

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Yeah, I would think it’s possible. It would be easiest if it was just a first come first serve for character selection. Probably similar to our booking examples. Here’s my example: https://concepts.glideapp.io/. Set a choice component before the form button…use that choice to set a relation to the form responses sheet…then hide or show the form button if the choice has already been chosen or not.

If we did three form submissions, it would be similar, but a record for each user to contain the initial choice value asking with their email, then template columns in both the user and form response sheets to join email and their choice.

There could also be similar variations with relations and an if then column on the choices sheet to set a true/false value and then filter the choice based on that true/false value.


Wow :hushed: Thanks very much @Jeff_Hager & @Robert_Petitto

You guys have a lot of tricks and experience… I see that :clap:t2: I played rapidely by booking something on your test app @Jeff_Hager. It helped a lot :ok_hand:t2: Thx

I will try that too in my app :nerd_face::+1:t2:

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I think an alternative (still not available feature) solution would be ‘multiple choice’. That is a high voted on feature request already

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