Downloadable link after the form is submitted

Hello, everyone
My first post here. I made contact form which I use to generate personalized text (via chatGPT) for each user. And it works. As soon as user submit the form chat gpt gets prompt and generate text, then pdf and then link on pdf in the new column .
Now I want to get users to another screen (when they submit the form) and there download button should be visible.

Currently I do not know how to get users to another (loading) screen when they submit the form so I can tell them their text is generating.

Also, I do not know how to show download link because it takes around 60 seconds to generate the link.

Ideal workflow would be:
User submit the form and it goes to another screen with picture and some text: please wait, we are generating your script…
Then when script is done and URl is generated, the download button appears.

Anyone has idea how to do it?

Thanks a lot

You can use on submit action and showing new screen.

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I will try that.
But the problem is what to show on a new screen? Because new URL is generated approximately 60 seconds after form is submitted (it takes some time for chat GPT to generate the text and Google script to save PDF and generate URL).

So how to make that new screen something like “loading” screen where user will see progress bar or at least text to wait until script is generated?

Then, and only then when URL in column is generated download button should appear.

Use visibility conditions.

Add a component with a “Please wait” message, and show that while the column containing the link is empty.
And use the opposite visibility condition on your Download button.


Tried that, but for some reason download button showed right away, although URL wasn’t yet created. So I thought it shows because url column contained urls from my tests, but glide check rows not columns?
I will definitely try again with visibility option.
Thank you.

That doesn’t sound right. The condition should only check the row in question, so if you don’t have a value in that specific row, for that specific column, the button shouldn’t show.

Can you show us some screenshots of how you’re setting it up?

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This is what I got from chatGPT:

The visibility issue you are facing seems to be a limitation of the Glide platform, where visibility conditions are evaluated based on the entire column rather than a specific cell or row.

The “text” and “button” components’ visibility that you’re trying to set based on the URL column isn’t behaving as expected because it’s looking at the entire column, not just the cell corresponding to the current user.

This is driving me crazy, I know there should be an easy solution. I have a short form on the first screen. Google script works and it is generating personalized meditation with PDF link.
I need to figure out how to get user to the new screen once the form is submitted and to display “Download” button from column 10

Should be easy and I am trying for 3 days…

That’s a bunch of codswallop. (ie. rubbish).

What you are trying to do should be quite straight forward. Can you please show us how you currently have this set up in the Glide Builder? Especially the onSubmit action with the form.


I am not sure what to choose for onSubmit action.
First I decided to choose “link” and link should be column 10 (where downloadable URL is created) but the problem is link is not there after the form is submitted (since whole thing needs around 60 seconds to generate)
So I tired with “new screen” and on new screen I added text “wait until we generate your meditation” and visibility is ON if the column 10 is empty
and below that is the download button that should appear when column 10 is not empty. But it appears right away and text is not visible at all, so it seems it shows column 10 is not empty from the beginning, which is true, (since previous users filled it up with their URL generated) but the ÄŤlast row is empty.

So I am stuck now. Not sure which onSubmit action to choose

Keep in mind I am new to glide, this is my first project ever.

Did you choose “Show New Screen → This item”?

If you didn’t, most likely the new screen would be attached to the first row in your table, which might not be the correct row.

even tried with custom action, which should work:

I’m trying to help you - please answer my question.

I am not sure where that option is. Is it possible that I send you invitation as a team member?

Yes, send it privately and I will take a quick look.

Please understand that a condition does not look at all rows within that column. It’s only looking at ONE column in ONE row. The key is to make sure you are positioned on the correct row.

Just wanted to clarify that point because you’ve expressed a few times that you think it’s looking for a value in any row within that entire column…which is not the case.

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