Does Glide support loom video links?

Does Glide support loom video links?

Give it a try and let us all know.

Doesn’t seem like it, I’ve tried both public and private links

I had tried both the “share” link, and the one inside their “embed” iframe. Neither of them work.

In this case privacy is set to “Link sharing” at loom. /share/ca5640631e6a4883ac43abe5db9dba23 /embed/ca5640631e6a4883ac43abe5db9dba23

What if you try with a video component?

Haha, at first I thought. Oh no my bad :stuck_out_tongue:
But I did tried again on video component yet it still not working.
Anyway, I think Loom is good for commentators and teachers to do 1-on-1 assistance. So I’m pretty much looking forward to it.

Any update on Loom video support? I’m using Loom to add educational and help videos to my apps. Currently I have to download the videos from Loom and upload them to youtube as a private video to make this happen. Would be nice to use loom videos natively :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Follow the instructions given at the above to get the embed code for your video
  • Extract the video URL from the code
  • Use it in a Webview component
  • Ensure the share settings on your video are set to “Anyone with the link…”