Does Glide have any official tech support?

Hi Glide community,

According to the Glide pricing documents, there is supposed to be technical support for paid accounts. I have a 3x “Maker” account (there’s a reason why that’s what I need.)

I submitted a tech support issue last Friday and I haven’t heard back from Glide yet. That’s disappointing.

Does anybody know what their turnaround time is for support issues? Do they even have support? Is there a phone number one can call?

Thanks for any insights here!


What’s your ticket ID? @NoCodeAndy or @SantiagoPerez might be able to help.

We’ve got a very talented crew of in-house Glide Experts providing support. :slight_smile:

Tickets are prioritized based on different factors, but to @ThinhDinh’s point, I can take a look. Just need your Glide org/team ID or ticket ID.

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This was my community post where I previously asked for help.

I made a movie showing the problem:

A person is using this app to go from house to house to have an interaction with the person living there. Once you zoom into the map to the area where you are walking (or driving) around, you want the map to stay zoomed in so that you can see what is the next address that needs a visit. Because the map zooms back out (to show all map pins) when you navigate away from the map, you have to zoom in all over again when you come back to the map. It is very inconvenient and wastes a lot of time and frustrates users.

As was asked in the previous posts, do you have a Ticket ID so @NoCodeAndy can follow up on it?


I’m not sure what ID you are asking for but this is what it says in the ticket that was handled by “George” from Glide:

Ticket Type


Ticket ID



Map Zoom Level Lost when returning to map