Document Scanning and Offline Mode

Document Scanning
Anyone integrated a library like AI Hub Build or functionality into a Glide App before? Plain old pictures are always a disaster for scanning field paperwork. In the past when I’ve ran into a limitation like this I’ve gone through the battle of having data encoded into a 2D barcode also printed redundantly on the document like datamatrix and then “scanned” it in that way.

Offline Mode
It looks like there was a lot chatter around an offline mode from a year or so ago but not much since. Nothing in the official documentation that I could find. I’m curious what if any solutions or improvements are out there? It looks like Service Workers and some kind of encapsulation of the glide “app” would be the way to do this. My use case is pretty simple in that I just need my users able to fill out a form when they have no mobile data signal and for it to submit and sync once they get to a signal again.

Check out Offline Add Row in the Docs.

Guess that I didn’t scroll down far enough. Thank you.

Offline add row is not available for high-scale data sources like SQL and Big Tables.

Glad this is there but more intermediate holding tables and updates to make this work for anything that will scale :upside_down_face:

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