Display link inside of a table cell

Hi Guys-

I have a google spreadsheet with hyperlinks and I want to display the text as is inside the google spreadsheet, and Glide seems to remove the hyperlink assigned to the text.

How do I display the text as a hyperlink inside of a table?

Also, is it possible to link together two cells?

I’m building an accounting app and I need to link together transfers.


Do you mean “merge”, on the front end with a collection/data grid? That’s not possible.

I believe this is also not possible for now. Maybe your best bet would be building a HTML table and then display it in a rich text component.

Hello, Thanks for the solution.
Are there any plans to add this functionality in the Glide that doesn’t remove the hyperlinks from the text?

1.) My google sheets has a hyperlink in each cell. Is there no way to keep the links when they are imported into Glide? I still want to click on the links.

2.) Sorry, not “merge”, I mean, “can I click on this cell, and it brings me to another cell in the spreadshseet?”

If I want to audit my accounting, and I want to see how this number is calculated.

Glide imports what it can “see” from a google sheet. If you have any sort of formatting that hides the underlying value, it will only import what is visible. So if a column with a hyperlink only display the text and not the underlying url, then only the text is imported.

My only suggestion would be to have to separate columns. One with the text and one with the url. Then use a Link component, or use a template column to create an href html tag and display it using a rich text component.

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