Disable Top Navigation on mobile

Hi there,

Can some one please help me disable top navigation (back arrow) on my glide page when opened on a mobile device.

Here is the link

this is a deep link… you can’t disable that in Pages… only in Apps…
you would have to make a separate page for each plumber… then there will be no arrow going back from a list details view

It’s not doable now, but I hope in the future if we get the ability to either:

  • Trigger an action when a user opens any Glide links
  • Pass parameters in the link that will then set it to a column in the database

Then this will become viable. I imagine you would then have a “viewing ID” column in your user profiles table to deal with this, passing the plumber’s rowID to your user profiles row, and then using relations + lookups to get the right info back on a top-level tab.

Just throwing my 2 cents.

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Thank you @Uzo and @ThinhDinh for your inputs, I was wondering if there is a possibility to change the colour of the back arrow to BLACK in CSS so it mixes up with the background colour.

Would be great to hear your thoughts.

not in Pages, only in Apps you can use CSS and make it happen.