Device Information

Is there a way to capture device information of the user in the ‘Classic apps’ ?
When people have a problem we can check the OS, browser etc and also send notifications through third party services. .

It can be done using JavaScript, yes.

You can access a lot of information using the JavaScript column.
Check my App… click the Your Info button…

Thanks. Is there a way to get the device ID ?


Hola @Abhishek_Sinha

As Darren mentioned earlier, you can do it manually via JS.

This is a basic example

For an advanced code with more options, this guide will be helpful: How to find the operating system details using JavaScript? - Stack Overflow


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He can’t get the device ID with your code…

I never wrote something like that

That’s what he ask for :wink:

The Device ID is one of many options associated to device information (OS, resolution, Browser, etc).

Is not… can you show me… that would be revolutionary :wink:
If you are getting this info from chat GTP… keep in mind that GTP has not updated data from years ago… do not rely on it :wink: they block that function a long time ago so nobody can track users.

Thank you. Will check this out