Device Info to tailor table width

@Darren_Murphy - I use the cool tables you first suggested for lots of in-line snapshot report in Glide Classic. - Looks like this and this:



One downside is the width is fixed at 350 pixel so it displays sub-optimal on iPad/tablets (and bigger screens like computers). WIth the new device info integration can this data be used to better optimize the width? I have no experience with using device info and was wondering if you have given it a go and have some advice.

Regards - Matt

convert to %

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Rather than a fixed width, why not use a percentage?
Then it will auto adjust to all screen sizes.


Just saying I copied the exact example you suggested about 9 months ago blindly and with minimal understanding…98% seems to do the trick!

Life doesn’t have to be complicated!

98 on fixed… 100 on absolute :wink:

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