Depending on the selected dealer, the list should include specific cars that are under this dealer and not all available cars

Hi to all.
I am creating a small application. I have seven dealers, each dealer has a certain number of cars. When choosing a dealer from the list, the cars of this particular dealer should be displayed. At the moment, it shows all the cars of all dealers
I make the application based on Airtable.

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In the Data Editor

  • Cars table: Car name. Dealer name.
  • Dealers table: Dealer name. Multi-relation to Cars table along Dealer name.

In the Layout Editor

  • Add a collection with data source Dealers table. Item click is show detail screen.
  • On Dealers detail screen, add a collection with data source the multi-relation.

For more information about relations.

(For a more advanced setup of your relation, you would relate row ID rather than category name, since row IDs will not change but names might.)


Hello, thanks for your help.
But i still cant understand how to make - “When choosing a dealer from the list, the cars of this particular dealer should be displayed”.

I choosed a dealer and then i saw all cars from other dealer too.

Are you using the relation as the source of the collection?

Iam using a cars table as sourse of a collection.

I thought you wanted to start with a list of Dealers, select a Dealer, and then show a list of Cars that are related to that Dealer?

How would you expect that to work if you start with a list of Cars?

@nathanaelb gave you the steps:

Have you tried following those steps?
Have you created the multiple relation column in your Dealers table that matches the Dealer name with the same value in the Cars table? This is the key thing that you need to do to make this work. Once you have that relation, you use it as the source of a collection on your Dealers details screen (the screen you see when you click on one of the Dealers).


Yes, everything is correct.

I want to make it so that when choosing a dealer from the list, only the cars of the dealer I chose are displayed in the next window.

I made the necessary connection. Screenshot below:

But when I choose a dealer, I see all cars and other dealers as well.

Did you change the source of the Cars collection on your Dealer detail screen to use the relation?

Soory, but I am new in Glide, can you show where Ican choose this?

We are talking about this (thsi is dealers choise screen) ?

Does your button take you to a detail screen for the dealer? What’s the action on your button?

Hi @vchupilka,

Nathan and Darren already provided the solution! Just adding this video that maybe helpful!

If my setup is different from the way you have setup-ed let me know!

Thank you

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Thanks !

Everything works


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