🆕 Deleting multiple rows from a delete action

Does this method work with add records as well ?

Yes, you can add rows in batches of 100.
The API will probably handle larger batches, but 100 is the recommended maximum batch size.
I’ve added as many as 60,000 rows using the batch method :slight_smile:


Can you confirm that this feature is currently working?
Maybe I missed something recently, but it doesn’t work for me.

So the rows over relation are not deleted for you at all, or it only deleted some rows and not the others?

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I try with a direct action and I can’t set the multiple relation (click over but the selection is impossible).
So I try with a custom action; I can set the multiple relation but the button disappear.
So I add a show notification to understand if the stream go on, and it go on but the multiple deletion is not executed.
Thanks @ThinhDinh

Weird, I’m not even sure what caused it. I have always been successful in doing that with a custom action.

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I can’t see video, but some times it is impossible to choose multi relation to del. But some times it works. In this case I just select single rel to del and then to change the relation to multi and it works.
Many users report it is unstable habit


I confirm. Indeed, now work.
This feature maybe still too fresh, not reliable.

If we delete 100 rows via a relation, Im guessing this will cost 100 updates? Or will it only cost 1 as its done via an Action?

Well, according to Glide support, if the record is not being currently looked at, delete will not work. For example, delete stopped working from the edit screen “this row” because you are actually looking at a temp record. Not sure how that relates to this action.

Per the 3rd point here, I expect that to be 100 updates.

Thats what I figured. Technically updates while in the editor dont count, so I could always run the mass deletion in there and save myself a bunch of updates!

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